Our Trailers

Our Trailers

Cool, clean, luxurious mobile restroom trailers are guaranteed to class up your next event and give your guests the comfort they deserve.

Planning a big event and need to rent mobile restrooms?

Alpha Mobile Restroom offers luxurious, climate-controlled restrooms that are perfect for any event. Our units are fitted with private brightly lit stalls, running water, full-size flushing commodes, porcelain sinks, and music to make your guests feel at home.

We take pride in providing upscale quality mobile restrooms to help make your next event the best it can be! Class up your next event with Alpha Mobile Restrooms.

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Alpha II


This 2 stall restroom trailer offers a comfortable and inviting restroom experience with separate facilities for men and women. Equipped with HVAC for climate control, it ensures a pleasant environment in all seasons. The soft interior design adds a touch of elegance and comfort, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor events and gatherings. Suitable for events with up to 350 guests per day.

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Alpha III


This three-stall restroom trailer caters to gatherings of 500 guests or fewer, providing a luxurious restroom experience. It features two private bathrooms for women and one for men, ensuring convenience and privacy. The elegant interior design elevates the overall ambiance, making it an excellent choice for upscale events and occasions.

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Alpha VIII


This spacious eight-stall restroom trailer offers top-tier facilities for your event. In the men's section, there are two urinals and two private toilets with dual vanity sinks, while the women's section boasts four private toilets with dual vanity sinks. Music and HVAC systems are installed throughout, with separate AC units for precise climate control. This trailer ensures a comfortable and enjoyable restroom experience for all your guests. Suitable for events with up to 800 guests per day.

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